LG and IFB are very popular washing machine brands in India. Because of that, you have seen more people consider to buy one of these washing machine.

LG is a South Korean electronics brand while IFB is an Indian brand, both have a wide range of top loading and front loading washing machines.

Let’s see LG vs IFB washing machine comparison to understand which washing machine is more reliable and gives you value for your hard-earned money.

Before we get started I will show you some key differences between these two brands.

Key Differences

– More stable operation
– Extra washing care
– Smart error detection
– Hard water treatment
– Delicate clothes care

Built Quality

Firstly, the built quality plays a major role in durability and stable operations. Without good built quality, a washing machine never works brilliantly and causes problems.

LG and IFB washing machines both provide a premium built quality made from stainless steel. As a result, you will see they last long without any problem. Besides, Both have toughened glass doors and prevention from leakage issues.


LG has a better customer reach than IFB. Because of that, you will easily solve your problem by contacting LG’s customer care. IFB is giving good service in city areas but they have to reach more people in tier-2 and tier-3 areas.

Service plays a bigger role if your washing machine running with an error or any of the machine’s parts are damaged. So always choose the washing machine brand that easily solves your problem without any hassle.

Washing Performance

IFB washing machine has a crescent moon drum that allows the clothes washed thoroughly while its unique design is soft on clothes. Now you can see 9 Swirl Wash Motions in IFB’s high-end washing machine, including different drum motions depending on the wash program. Most IFB’s washers provide a Cradle Wash program for delicate clothes.

LG washing machine gives a unique drum design that ensures your clothes are washed thoroughly without any damage. Also, LG’s 6 Drum Motion excellently washes your clothes using a combination of different motions. In Top Load washing machine, it using a roller jet pulsator which creates a powerful water stream to clean stubborn stains easily.

Meanwhile, both brands washing machine gives excellent wash results without any fabric damage.

LG Washing Machine’s Technologies

Smart Control

AI DD: This technology not only detects clothe’s weight but senses fabric types and automatically chooses an optimized wash cycle. It adopts different wash cycles with a combination of different motions to give you optimal wash results.

Smart Diagnoses: With the help of the LG ThinQ phone application, you can diagnose the washing machine quickly with almost any minor error before it becomes a bigger problem.

Remote Operation: The combination of LG ThinQ and WI-FI makes your life easier, you can control your washing machine anywhere. You can efficiently do laundry with a download cycle of up to 20 additional wash programs.

Washing Technologies

TurboWash: This technology washes your clothes in less time without compromising on wash results. It produces water spray which effectively rinses your clothes in a better way.

6 Motion Drum Movement: LG provides 6 drum motions to wash your clothes effectively with the combination of the different motions. The 6 motions include Tumble, Rolling, Swing, Stepping, Filtration, and Scrubbing. Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the drum in multiple directions, giving the fabric the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Steam Wash: This wash cycle produces steam into the washer that thoroughly cleans any of your dirty and allergen clothes and gives a hygienic clean.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

This technology gives efficient and stable performance while enhancing your washing experience. Other washing machine’s motor and drum are connected with belts whereas LG’s motor is directly connected with the drum. This mechanism provides more stability which’s why it produces less vibration and less noise while the inverter saves your electricity bills.


This is an LG’s unique washing machine that contains two washers, on the top side of the machine contains the main front load washer and the bottom contains a mini top load washer. The main washer is used for heavy and larger loads while the bottom washer washes delicate clothes. Don’t worry about your delicate clothes being damaged or wait for their turns. This washing machine washes two loads simultaneously.

IFB Washing Machine’s Technologies

Hard Water Treatment

Aqua Energie provides filter treatment for hard water, breaking down calcium into crystals and energizing the water. This treatment of water dissolves detergent better which leaves no residues on clothes and gives a gentler wash.

Washing Technologies

O2 Bubble Wash: This washing feature creates thousands of bubble which is made from detergent, penetrating the fabric to give a deeper wash and removes stubborn stain easily.

9 Swirl Wash: This technology provides 9 different drum motions depending on your fabric type. Nine different motions are as follows 1. Rolling, 2. Tumbling, 3. Stepping, 4. Soft soak, 5.Scrub, 6. Swing, 7.Scrub & Swing, 8.Step & Roll, 9.Squeeze. The combination of different wash motions washes your different types of clothes.

Cradle Wash: This feature washes soft fabric with extra care like handwash. The drum movement is like a cradle, ensure your delicate clothes wash thoroughly without any damage.

Ball Valve Technology

A ball floats at the beginning of the outlet pipe which helps the water out easily while keeping the detergent in. This technology prevents the wastage of detergents and enhances washing performance.

Now let’s compare washing machine LG and IFB for detailed information.

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LG vs IFB Washing Machine – 8 kg Front Load

LG 8 kg FHT140HZWL vs. IFB 8.5 Kg Executive Plus VX ID Front Loading Washing Machine
ModelFHT1408ZWL (8 Kg)Executive Plus VX ID (8.5 Kg)
Warranty2 years on product and 10 years on motor4 years on product and 10 years on motor
Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Wash Program14 + Downloaded Cycle14
FeaturesDirect drive, 6 Motion, Steam Wash, TurboWash, Smart diagnoses, Remote operation, Tub CleanAqua Energie, 9 Swirl Wash, Anti-Allergen, Ball valve technology, Cradle wash, Crescent moon drum, Tub Clean
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Both washing machines have premium built quality, revolutionary technologies, and excellent washing features. Besides that, both have some differentiation which makes them a good or bad choice.

LG uses a direct drive motor which enhances stability because it produces less vibration while IFB uses a conventional motor.

Stem wash in LG washing machine cleans your clothes thoroughly by removing bacterial germ with extra care. This feature is not available in the IFB washing machine but has an anti-allergen wash program.

LG allows you to operate the washing machine remotely with WI-FI connectivity and the LGThinQ app. You can download a custom wash cycle by this app and diagnose the washer to check up to 86 errors.

Another LG good feature is TurboWash in which water jet spray makes the rinsing cycle effective while taking less time.

IFB’s Aqua Energie filter converts hard water into soft water which dissolves detergent better. This feature helps those people who have hard water problems.

Also, you can see some similar features like Inverter motor, Tub Clean function, and multiple Drum Motion.

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IFB’s 4 years warranty with some handy features and 8.5 kg capacity make it a good choice to buy where LG gives smart app operation, an Effective rinsing option, and a direct-drive motor. So if you want a bigger drum and warranty then IFB is best suited for you otherwise LG saves electricity, produces less noise and vibration, and conserves water.

LG FHM1207ZDL 7 Kg vs IFB Neo Diva BX 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

ModelFHM1207ZDLNeo Diva BX
Warranty2 years on product and 10 years on motor4 years on product and 10 years on motor
Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Wash Program1011
FeaturesDirect drive Inverter Motor, 6 Motion Drum, Smart diagnoses, Tub CleanAqua Energie, Ball valve technology, Cradle wash, Crescent moon drum, Tub Clean
View on AmazonView on Amazon

LG 7 Kg model comes with their well-known features like a Direct drive inverter motor, 6 Drum motions, and smart diagnoses whereas IFB Neo Diva BX 7 kg has Hard water solution, better cleaning with a 3D wash, and 4 Years warranty on the product.

Both washing machines come with 5-star energy ratings but LG consumes less power than IFB because of the inverter motor.

LG’s smart diagnosis feature helps in error detection at an early stage that prevents major issues which means saving your money. This feature is not available in the IFB model.

Between these two, IFB dissolves detergent better and also prevents wastage.

Besides that, both washing machines have an anti-allergin wash, tub clean feature, good build quality, and delayed wash.

If you want an advanced washing machine with wi-fi and steam wash features in 7 Kg capacity then LG FHT1007ZNW 7 Kg is the best option for your home.

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<<View IFB Neo Diva BX 7 Kg on Amazon>>

This comparison shows that if you want a good washing machine at less price and included all IFB’s trademark features then IFB Neo Diva BX 7 Kg is a good choice.

Otherwise, LG always provides you with a good washing experience through quiet operation and quality in their washing machines.

IFB vs LG Washing Machine – 6 Kg Front Load

LG 6.5 kg FHT1265ZNL vs. IFB 6.5 kg Senorita ZX Front Loading Washing Machine Comparison
Warranty2 years on product and 10 years on motor4 years on product and 10 years on spare part
Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Wash Program108
FeaturesDirect drive, 6 Motion, Steam Wash, Smart Diagnoses, Tub Clean, Hard Water Wash, Anti-Allergen, Ball valve technology, Cradle wash, 2D Wash
View on AmazonView on Amazon

Both washing machine has a good RPM speed enough to wash any type of clothes. If you are single or a couple then these washing machines are the best fits for your daily usage.

LG comes with Direct Drive Inverter Motor, Steam Wash, and 6 motion drum movements while IFB comes with Hard Water Treatment and Cradle Wash features. This is the key difference between these two machines.

Also, the washing experience is better in LG with properly washing treatment by a combination of different drum movements.

If you have a hard water problem then the IFB washing machine gives you the best cleaning with its Aqua Energie technology.

Both have similar features like Tub Clean, Auto Diagnose, and Quick Wash. 

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As a result of this comparison, LG becomes a better choice because of the bigger RPM and proper washing care with a good user experience.

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LG vs IFB Washing Machine – 6.5 Kg Top Load

LG 6.5 kg T65SPSF2Z vs. IFB 6.5 kg TL-REW Aqua Top Loading Washing Machine Comparison
ModelT65SNSF1Z (6.5 Kg)REW (6.5 Kg)
Warranty2 years on product and 10 years on motor4 years on product and 10 years on motor
Energy Rating5 Star5 Star
Wash Program88
FeaturesSmart Inverter, TurboDrum, Smart Diagnoses, Tub Clean, Quick wash, Auto rebalance, Child Lock, Auto RestartAqua Energie, Crescent moon drum, 3D wash, Triadic pulsator, Express Wash, Auto balance load, Child lock, Auto Restart
View on AmazonView on Amazon

These two top-loading washing machines have good built quality and their different washing technology allows your clothes washed thoroughly.

As a washing aspect, LG has a powerful motor providing a TurboDrum feature in which a strong water stream of rotating drum removes the tough stain. Also, vertical water streams allow clothes to move up and down for perfect cleaning.

While IFB has a triadic pulsator that creates a powerful stream for better wash, 3D wash enables a dynamic water shower that helps to remove the tough stain with a softer touch of Crescent moon drum.

LG gives a smart inverter motor that is durable, and Smart diagnoses features detect up to 86 errors to eliminate unusual maintenance costs.

Where IFB has Aqua Energie features for hard water treatment, helps to dissolve detergent better that removes the stain without leaving any residues.

Some of the features are similar in both washing machines such as Child lock, Auto restart, Auto rebalance, and Tub Clean.

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Best Budget Option – LG T65SKSF4Z 6.5 Kg

Best 7 Kg option – LG T70SJSF1Z Top Load

This comparison of LG and IFB top loaders determines that if you want a hard water solution then IFB is good for you otherwise choose LG top loading because it is available in the budget range and premium range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Washing Machine is better IFB or LG?

Both washing machines are most popular in the front-loading category. It depends on you which washing machine satisfies your requirements. IFB provides a hard water solution, a bigger product warranty, and good build quality whereas LG has smart features, direct drive, 6 motion drum, and premium build quality.
In the top-loading category, LG has better build quality, washing performance, and stable operation than IFB. You can see hard water solution in the IFB top-loader.

Which is the best 8 Kg front load washing between LG and IFB?

LG 8 Kg washing machine gives more innovative features than IFB. LG provides remote operation, smart diagnosis, inverter direct drive, and innovative 6-drum motion. All these features make it more flexible.

Which is the best washing machine for hard water LG or IFB?

Most IFB washing machine has a hard water treatment filter. It converts hard water into soft water that dissolves detergent better.

Which washing machine has better energy efficiency LG or IFB?

LG comes with inverter technology in most of its washing machines. Because of that, it uses efficient energy while operating and saves more electricity. On the other side, Most IFB washing machines have a 5-star energy rating despite the that it consumes more electricity than LG because of the non-inverter motor.

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