IFB is the most popular Indian washing machine brand while Samsung is the worldwide famous South Korean electronics brand.

IFB has more popularity in front-loading washing machines compares to Samsung.

But overall in the fully automatic and semi-automatic segment, Samsung has a huge market share. 

Here, I don’t compare based on popularity but use some genuine aspects that show us real value for money products.

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Build Quality

The first thing we shaw in any washing machine is the build quality of the product. It determines how long your washing machine will last.

Samsung never compromises on the built quality that’s why you can see durable products in washing machines. It has stainless steel body material with a good design and the touch panel enhances the user experience. It also has toughened glass door that eliminates water leakage.

IFB washing machine also has a good build quality with stainless steel material which lasts longer.

So you can see Samsung and IFB both have good build quality.

IFB vs Samsung Washing Machine: Technologies they used


Samsung is way ahead in the terms of the technologies it used. It uses a Digital inverter motor, Ecobuublele technology, AI-control, steam technology, and other useful wash programs.

Samsung’s innovative flexwash is 2 in 1 washing machine which washes two loads at the same time. The top side contains a mini top loader that washes your delicate clothes and the front side contains the main front loader. 

Samsung always innovative their washing machine to the next level for a better user experience.

Digital inverter technology uses less power and gives an efficient operation with minimal noise and vibration.

AI Control gives you a smart suggestion of the wash cycle and also personalize wash by remembering your daily routine. It controls your washing machine through a smartphone and also detects errors.

For better washing, the Ecobubble program creates millions of bubbles from the detergent which penetrate deeply into the fabric which removes stubborn stains easily with the less mechanical operation.

Most of Samsung’s washing machines come with a steam wash program that creates steam to hygienically clean laundry.


IFB used technologies that target Indian peoples by solving issues like hard water problems, detergent wastage, and delicate/ baby clothes care. That is the reason why peoples like IFB washing machines.

It also has different types of dynamic water showers used in different washing machines. Such as 2D, 3D, and 4D wash.

This dynamic water showers thoroughly soak clothes, dissolve detergent better, and rinsing clothes better.

Most of the IFB washing machines have a filter for hard water treatment called Aqua Energie. Because the hard water converts into soft water it dissolves detergent better and prevents the damage of corrosion and build-ups.

Ball valve technology uses ball shape material at the beginning of the outlet pipe to stop detergent wastage.

And the cradle wash program specially designed for delicate and baby clothes. In this program, the drum moves like a cradle so that clothes being prevented from damage.

Service comparison

The most important factor after purchasing a washing machine is how will they provide after-sale service.

A good after-sale service gives you a great user experience besides that it solves your problem easily in less time.

In the metro cities, you don’t have any problem with both brands.

But, Samsung gives even better service in non-city areas whereas IFB needs improvements in this area.

IFB Senator WXS 8 Kg vs Samsung WW80T504DAN 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star Not available
Wash Program1422
Warranty4 years on product and 10 years on motor3 years on product and 10 years on motor
Features4D Wash, Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash, Ball Valve Technology, Anti Allergen,AI Technology, Bubble Technology, Digital Inverter Motor, Steam Wash,

Samsung WW80T504DAN 8 KG Front Loading Washing machine provides you Smart operation with AI Control, has EcoBubble technology and Digital Inverter Drive where IFB Senator WXS 8 KG washing machine comes with a simple user interface with some problem-solving features such as hard water treatment, detergent wastage prevention, 4D wash.

The benefit of this Samsung 8 Kg is that it has a bubble wash program which means you can wash your delicates or any kind of dirty clothes with a less mechanical operation that extra care your clothes and remove the stubborn stain easily.

Another side, IFB has a cradle wash program that cares delicates clothes.

Here IFB is a hard water washing machine that is best-suited for areas that have hard water issues. In addition, the 4D wash feature creates a water shower in multiple directions which helps in soaking and rinsing effectively and also dissolve detergent better.

If you want a wide range of wash cycles then you love this Samsung model because its 22 wash cycles provide more flexibility in washing.

Samsung has a steam wash option for hygienically clean your clothes. If you want a steam option in IFB then IFB Senator WSS provides this with all same features.

So choose according to your requirements it will always help in the best purchase.

Samsung and IFB 8 KG front load comparison shows that if you want to leverage smart washing experience with a quality washing and premium build design then definitely go for Samsung washing machine Or if you want a hard water solution, a bigger warranty washing machine with good washing results then your choice should be IFB Senator WXS. It is also less priced than Samsung.

<<View IFB Senator WXS 8 Kg on Amazon>>

<<View Samsung WW80T504DAN 8 Kg on Amazon>>

IFB Neo Diva BX 7 kg vs Samsung WW70T502DAX 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-StarNot available
Wash Program1122
Warranty4 years on product and 10 years on motor3 years on product and 10 years on motor
Features3D Wash, Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash, Ball Valve Technology, Anti Allergen,AI Technology, Bubble Technology, Digital Inverter Motor, Steam Wash,

Samsung WW70T502DAX washing machine is a smart washing machine like I described above for 8 kg. It not only operates remotely but its AI feature suggests the best washing cycle according to your laundry load and remembers your daily routine.

Where IFB Neo Diva Bx is simply a good and a value for money product because of its operations best suited for Indian people such as hard water treatment, 3D Wash, Detergent efficiency, and extra care of baby clothes.

Both washing machines have anti-allergin features and consume less electricity.

You will get the best featured Samsung WW70T502DAX 7 Kg washing machine if you don’t have money concerns Or choose a budget option, IFB with the benefits of a bigger warranty period and features as described above.

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IFB Diva Aqua BX 6 kg vs Samsung WW60R20GLMA 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Wash Program1122
Warranty4 years on product and 10 years on motor3 years on product and 10 years on motor
Features2D Wash, Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash, Ball Valve TechnologyDigital Inverter Motor, Steam Wash, Delay Wash

Here, Samsung and IFB 6 Kg washing machines are best suited for single and couples.

IFB washing machine has a hard water solution, 2D wash, and cradle wash feature where Samsung provides a digital inverter drive and hygienic steam wash option.

The build quality of IFB is good and 4 years warranty added extra benefits for you.

You get more RPM on the Samsung washing machine means it extract more water from cotton and heavy clothes than IFB. But eventually, it’s not a big difference.

IFB provides better delicate care by the cradle wash program and dynamic water shower dissolve detergent better.

Samsung has a dealy wash option which is missing in IFB besides that Both provide quick wash, anti-allergin, and child lock option

Samsung always provides good build quality and steam features even in small capacity washing machines so you can consider buying this washing machine Or if you want a hard water solution and extra delicate care then choose IFB. 

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<<View IFB Diva Aqua BX 6 kg on Amazon>>

IFB REW 6.5 kg vs Samsung WA65A4002VS 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Wash Program86
Warranty4 years on product and 10 years on motor2 years on product and 10 years on motor
FeaturesAqua Energie, 3D wash, Triadic pulsator, Auto balance load, Auto restart, Child lock
Digital Inverter, Smart check, Aqua preserve, Wobble Technology, EcoTub Clean, Auto restart, Child lock

Samsung provides a good build quality with a premium design that lasts longer.

It saves your electricity bills because Digital Inverter Drive consumes less energy and provides stable and quieter operation.

On the other side, IFB gives you hard water treatment which is a good choice for those who have these issues.

All washing machines of Samsung have Diamond Drum which is soft on clothes where IFB’s crescent moon drum provides the same protection as Samsung.

Samsung uses a center jet pulsator for better washing and in addition, wobble technology prevents tangles and damage in clothes while IFB’s triadic pulsator is useful in better movements of clothes during washing which means better washing.

Here, Samsung has especially the monsoon option to remove more water from clothes.

You get other useful options like a quick wash, tub clean, and child lock in both top loads.

In the top load washing machine, undoubtedly Samsung gives you more quality and features in less price compares to IFB. So choose IFB only for hard water issues otherwise Samsung has the best products in the top-loading segment.

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<<View Samsung WA70A4002GS 7 KG Top Load on Amazon>>

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Best Top Load Washing Machine- Samsung WA65N4261SS

Frequently Asked Questions

Which washing machine is better IFB or Samsung?

IFB occupied most market share after LG in the front-loading category while Samsung is the second biggest washing machine brand in India. Samsung has a more advanced washing machine in the front-loading category where IFB is more budget-friendly.
In the top load washing machine, Samsung gives you better options and value for money products.
Meanwhile, both give you good washing results and built quality.

Which washing machine has more advanced features IFB or Samsung?

Samsung because it has AI-driven technology and Bubble technology. AI technology not only operates washing machine remotely but also suggest you perfect washing cycle and remembers your daily routine. All these are done through a smartphone application.
While bubble technology helps to wash and soak clothes better in thousands of bubbles.

Which is best suited for Indian home IFB or LG?

Here, IFB gives you a hard water solution, a bigger product warranty, and ball valve technology which is more suitable for Indian people.


In the front load category both IFB and Samsung give their best build quality and features. You have to choose the best one depending on your need described in this article.

And top-loading category Samsung washing machine is better because of lesser price and useful features.

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