If you are washing clothes without mesh laundry bags then you are not aware of the use of mesh bags or you don’t care about your clothes.

When you put mixed clothes in the washing machine, delicate clothes can be damaged by other hard clothes or any material onto that.

This damage is prevented by the use of mesh laundry bags. So let’s start this article with some questions.

What is a mesh laundry bag?

A Mesh laundry bag is a rectangular and round-shaped mesh or netted bag made from nylon or polypropylene material. They are available with a small zipper and drawstring closure to ensure that your laundry remains inside.

How does mesh laundry bag work?

The design of the laundry mesh bag allows water and detergent to flow in and out for excellent washing. It prevents your finest garments and delicates from snags, tangles, tears, and stretching during washing and drying. This exercise extends garment life and saves the cost of replacing expensive clothes, keeping them looking like new for longer.

How to use it?

Put your delicate clothes like undergarments, silk clothes, socks, and other such soft garments into the laundry bag, close the bag by zipper. That’s it your laundry is good to go for washing.

Before you put the mesh laundry bag into the washer or dryer kindly check the bag is appropriately loaded because too much laundry stops free-spinning into the bag and causes a bad washing experience.

Laundry mesh bags are available in different shapes and sizes to wash specific laundry with extra care. For example, a lingerie wash bag is ideal for Lingerie, Underwear, Scarves, Bras, Hosiery, Expensive Blouses, Baby Clothing, and Sweaters. You can use multiple wash bags in a single wash for extra care.

Different type of mesh laundry bags

The laundry bags are available in different closure types such as a zipper, rubber closure, net clip closure.

Among all closure types I recommend you to use zipper closures mesh bags because it is super durable and seals your clothes into it.

The other closure is not durable like a zipper and your clothes sometimes pop out that is not safe for clothes.

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