When you are washing clothes in India’s best washing machine or a cheaper washing machine there is always a thought in your mind that my washing detergent is good or not.

You have used different washing powder or liquid detergent for cleaning your clothes despite that you still not decided which one is the best for your daily use.

Don’t worry I will discuss all possible uses of powder and liquid form of detergent and mention which detergent is the best for cleaning.

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Which is better between powder and liquid detergent?

Liquid detergent is slightly better because of its ability to dissolve better in hard water and cold water. Powder and liquid detergent both provide excellent wash if you are properly dosage.  Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for detergent usage.

Powder or liquid detergent: Which is better for stain removal?

Both laundry detergents are formulated to remove stains effectively but it depends on the type of stain. Powder detergent formulas use ingredients that powerfully remove mud or clay stain while liquid detergent is best used for grease or oil stains on your day-to-day items, because of its ability to help release and break down stains in fabrics. 

Comparison: Powder vs. liquid detergent

  • Powder detergent is cheaper in price because it’s easier to manufacturing and transporting compares to liquid detergent.
  • Because liquid detergent uses water as the main filler ingredient, it dissolves easily regardless of water temperature. This leads to less likelihood of buildup on your washer or clothes.
  • Powder detergent is easily usable and simple to measure out while liquid detergent can be easy to over or underdose because of a difficult to read measuring cap.
  • Liquid detergent works better in untreated hard water. You can still use powder detergent with hard water, but it will likely require the use of more detergent and an extra rinse cycle to get a proper clean.

Some important tips for using powder and a liquid detergent.

  • To avoid issues with buildup, oversudsing, or residue in your washer, always measure detergent and follow the manufacturer’s directions based on load size and soil level.
  • If you have very soft water or a very lightly soiled load, you may need to use less detergent. If too much detergent is used, it will be difficult to fully rinse it away.
  • When loading your washer, always allow enough space for items to move freely. Clothing that is tightly packed in the washer may trap detergent and not allow it to completely dissolve.
  • Make sure to use only high-efficiency (HE) detergents in high-efficiency washing machines to avoid oversudsing and longer cycle times.

Powder vs. Liquid Detergent: Pro and Cons

There are pros and cons to each detergent type depending on your load size, water type, and most common stains.

Powder Detergents


  • Low cost per load
  • Easy to use and measure
  • Best for mud and clay stain


  • Doesn’t dissolve as well in cold water
  • Can leaves residues if not properly dosage.

Liquid Detergents


  • Dissolves easily at any water temperature
  • Easily dispensable
  • Best for greasy and oily stain


  • Difficult to measure appropriate dose.

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