If your washing machine can’t efficiently collect small particles called “Lint” or your washing machine doesn’t have the lint filter don’t worry now you can effectively collect waste with a net filter.

Before we get started I will tell you about the lint Filter and then we go on the washing machine net filter.

Lint filter

Lint filter is mostly available in all types of washing machines. It collects hair, threads, and other small particles that fall apart from clothes.

This collection of debris can prevent the blocking of the pipe and clean the washing tub.

What is a washing machine net filter?

Net floating filter

Washing machine net filter is one type of lint filter and it can be used as an alternative to the lint filter.

The floating lint mesh bag is light and lovely, easy to clean, and floats right on top of the washing machine. Excellent practical laundry accessories, saving time and strength for housework

Lint filter is an in-built feature of the washing machine while the net filter is an additional purchase for convenient use.

A washing machine net filter is easily available in the market at a cheaper price.

How to use a washing machine net filter?

You can use the net filter by simply putting it into the top load washer before the wash cycle start.

Also you can pour detergent into the filter, it can dissolve detergent better.

For better lint collection you can use multiple floating filters in the washer.

How is the washing machine floating net filter works?

The top of the filter is flower-shaped while the downside of the filter is a net design made from a smooth plastic material.

During the wash cycle, this washing machine net filter is float and rotate. This rotating motion and design pull the hairs, small threads, and particles into this filter.

This washing machine floating net filter is useful for low-end washing machines or you can use it while the lint filter is not working properly.

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