Whirlpool is an American home appliances brand while LG is a South Korean electronics brand. You know very well that LG is a major brand in the washing machine segment.

Definitely, LG has an innovative and more trustable brand than Whirlpool. So If you buy an LG washing machine then it always gives you a better user experience.

But what if you buy a Whirlpool washing machine?

Here I compare only top-loading washing machines because in the front-loading washing machine LG and other brands such as Samsung, Bosch, and IFB are far better in every aspect than Whirlpool.

So If you are looking for a front-loading washing machine then look into the resources below which help you find your best washing machine.

Washing Machines Comparision

Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India

Let’s check out the side-by-side comparison of both brands which helps you in your buying decision. 

Build Quality

LG gives the best build quality and premium design in their front-loading and top-loading washing machines. Because of that, it lasts longer and pockets friendly in long run.

On the other side, Whirlpool’s some models have a thin steel body and others have good build quality.

After-sale Service

In the after-sale service, LG is the best for customer reach and support. If you buy a Whirlpool washing machine then you might face a delay or issues in customer support. So my recommendation is to buy Whirlpool if you are living in city areas or someone in your area buys it earlier and satisfies with the service.

Noise and Vibration

Again LG gives you stable and less noisy operation while washing and drying. It uses a smart inverter motor which is helpful in their stable operation.

And if you feel comfortable with some noise then Whirlpool is not a bad choice for you because all washing machines make noise.

Features and Technologies

Here we show the features of Whirlpool and LG washing machines that help you differently.


12 Wash Program: most programs given by any washing machine in the top load category which includes Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Eco Wash, Woollens, Bed Sheet, Rinse +Spin, Spin, Wash Only, Aqua Store.

123 Wash: It’s an easy way to wash your clothes just put clothes in the tub and press 1-2-3, your clothes being washed by the machine’s intelligence with the proper wash cycle.

6th Sense: Whirlpool uses sensors to sense the unbalanced load and automatically distribute it, check voltage fluctuation and stopped when needed, automatically clean the tub when needed, and also senses water pressure, dry tap, and detergent dosage.

Aqua store: It allows you to store water for the next wash if you have any water issues.

Express and Dealy Wash: Express wash allows you to wash small loads and lightly soiled clothes faster while Delay wash allows you to wash laundry by setting a timer on 3 to 24 hours delay.

Hard Water Wash: It senses hard water and adapts the wash cycle according to water type.


Smart Inverter Motor: This motor not only saves your electricity bills but also gives stable operation and its motor protection layer ensures it lasts longer.

Smart Diagnoses: You can diagnose errors by SmartThinQ app in an easy way to detect errors in the early stage. This can avoid any major problem.

TurboDrum: It allows the drum to rotate in the opposite direction of the pulsator which creates a powerful stream that removes the toughest stain easily.

Tub Clean: You can manually clean the drum with this program.

Auto-restart: This allows the machine to continues its wash cycle between the uncertainty of power.

Quick Wash and Aqua Reserve: Quick wash is useful when you have few lightly soiled clothes while Aqua Reserve stores water into the tub for the next wash.

Whirlpool WhiteMagic Royal Plus 7 Kg vs LG T70SKSF1Z 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Warranty2 Years on product and 5 Years on motor2 Years on product and 10 years on motor
Wash Program128
Features6th Sense, 123 Wash, Delay Wash, Auto Tub Clean, Aqua Store, ZPF Technology, Back Control Panel, Auto RestartSmart Inverter Motor, Smart Diagnoses, TurboWash, Tub Clean, Auto Restart

Here both can wash your clothes thoroughly with the use of their pulsator and different wash programs.

Whirlpool uses sensors to operate its washing machine efficiently if someone first time uses it. Sensors also help to detect voltage fluctuations and proper water level which is most helpful.

On the other side, LG does not use any kind of sensors that are present in Whirlpool.

The body of the Whirlpool machine is made of thin steel where LG provides good built quality. You can see design-wise both look decent.

The control panel of the Whirlpool washing machine is on the backside while LG gives it on the front side. The backside control panel prevents it from water splashes which means it is more likely to work without any problem.

Here LG provides you an error detection system that can be done by smartphone and it can save your money and time by finding any error in the early stage. 

Furthermore, both washing machines provide a tub clean program but Whirlpool does it automatically when needed.

Power consumption wise LG consumes less power because of the smart inverter motor, which also provides stable operation and longer life than Whirlpool.

Besides that, Child lock, Auto restart, and water store functions are available in both washing machines. Here in this LG washing machine delay wash is missing but if you want to buy LG then LG T70SPSF2Z 7 Kg provides more options.

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Whirlpool and LG washing machine comparison clearly show that Whirlpool focuses on features that perform an easy and automatic operation at a lesser price while LG focuses on build quality, quieter and energy-saving operation which makes it last longer.

So if you compromise on body material and noise then you get more featured and well-designed Whirlpool washing machines at an affordable price otherwise pay more and get a long-lasting and performance-centric LG washing machine.

Whirlpool StainWash Pro H 6.5 Kg vs LG T65SJSF3Z 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Warranty2 Years on product and 10 Years on motor2 Years on product and 10 years on motor
Wash Program128
FeaturesIn-built Heater, 6th Sense, 123 Wash, Delay Wash, Auto Tub Clean, Aqua Store, ZPF Technology, Back Control Panel, Auto RestartSmart Inverter Motor, Smart Diagnoses, Jet Spray, TurboWash, Tub Clean, Auto Restart

Whirlpool StainWash Pro is an excellent washing machine with an in-built heater where LG provides jet spray and punch+3 pulsator.

Because of the in-built heater, Whirlpool provides warm, hot, and allergy-free washes which thoroughly sterilize your clothes and removes bacteria, germs, and stubborn stains. This feature is very used to these days.

On the other side, LG removes dirt and detergent residues easily with a powerful jet spray that looks like it scrubbing by handwash.

Moreover, its punch+3 pulsator creates multiple water streams vertically, making up and down clothes for better washing results. And these washing results enhance by the TurboDrum feature which rotates the drum in the opposite direction of the pulsator.

LG gives an option to detect errors with the use of the SmartThinQ app that saves your time and money by finding issues in an earlier stage.

You can save more electricity and water compares to Whirlpool by purchasing an LG washing machine because of the inverter motor and jet spray.

Where Whirlpool gives hard water wash which is missing in LG. Another good thing about the Whirlpool washing machine is that it gives a control panel on the backside, preventing it from water splashes.

Here Whirlpool has an auto tub clean option that automatically cleans the tub when needed while LG provides a tub clean option by manually pressing a button.

Besides that, both provide good build quality and some useful features like a soft closing lid, auto-restart after a power cut, quick wash, delay wash, and child lock option.

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Best 6.5 Kg Washing Machine: LG T65SNSF1Z Top Load

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If you are looking for a hot water wash and anti-allergy features, is then definitely buy this washing machine, giving you a premium look, more washing programs at an affordable price. Otherwise, LG provides better washing performance and less energy consumption.

Whirlpool Superb Atom 7 Kg vs LG P7020NGAY 7 KG Semi-automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Warranty2 Years on product and 10 Years on motor2 Years on product and 10 years on motor
Wash ProgramDelicate, Normal, HeavyGentle, Normal, Strong
FeaturesScrub Station, Wheels, BuzzerAir Dry, Rat Away Technology

Both washing machines have good build quality with a 3 wash program and lint collector which collect threads and debris.

Whirlpool gives the scrub station which allows you to scrub dirty clothes with your hands before putting them in the washer where LG not giving this facility.

Another good feature of Whirlpool is its buzzer which notifies you when the wash cycle ends and the four wheels provide easy mobility. Buzzer and wheels are not available in this LG model.

So here LG provides rat-away technology in which they use chemicals to keeps the rat away from the machine.

Furthermore, It has an air-dry function where air vents on the dryer draw air from outside that dry your clothes faster with more effectively.

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<<View LG P7020NGAY 7 Kg on Amazon>>

As per the comparison of these semiautomatic models, I recommend you to buy a Whirlpool washing machine because it is equipped with more useful features than LG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better washing machine Whirlpool or LG?

In the front-loading category, LG gives you better-built quality, better operations, less energy consumption and every aspect that you consider is better than Whirlpool.
But in the top-loading category, whirlpool provides automatic operation, more wash programs, an easy washing option, and hard water wash that missing in LG. And it is also priced less but it compromises on built quality and noise level.

Should I consider buying a Whirlpool front load washing machine?

No. Because you can find a better front loading washing machine in the market such as LG, Bosch, Samsung, and IFB with good washing programs, stable operation, and premium build quality.


Whirlpool and LG washing machine comparison show that if you want more features at an affordable price then Whirlpool provides it but has some drawbacks such as some washing machine gives you average build quality and higher noise level.

On the other side, LG focuses on washing performance and build quality. So if you want more flexibility in washing then LG limits you but it is a more durable washing machine.

If you have any query then comment below and if you think it is helpful then share it.