Samsung is a well-known brand in the washing machine sector and that’s why it occupies the second largest share in this category in India. But Whirlpool is also popular in the top-loading washing machine category because they give featured packed washing machines at an affordable price.

If you want to buy a front-loading washing machine, I don’t recommend Whirlpool because its models are not competing in feature and performance wise with other brands such as LG, Bosch, and  IFB. Furthermore, their prices are not attractive.

So let’s check out Whirlpool and Samsung washing machine comparison with all useful aspects to make a better choice.

Note: All the comparisons are given for top-loading washing machines.

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Build Quality

Samsung provides great build quality which lasts longer and also helps in stable performance. Where Whirlpool does not provide the same build quality on all their washing machines. They have some washing machines with thin stainless steel material where others are good build quality products. Look wise both have attractive designs.

After-sale Service

Samsung provides a good service because most of the areas covered by their service center provide a wide range of customer reach. On the other side, Whirlpool has a limited service center around the country which causes an issue in their service. Before purchasing a Whirlpool washing machine check the service center around your area and I recommend people who live in non-city areas not to buy this washing machine.

Noise and Vibration

Samsung comes with a digital inverter motor which produces less noise and hence also minimal vibration. Where Whirlpool washing machine bit noisy but have a stable operation.

Features and Technologies of Whirlpool

6th Sense: Because of the different sensors machine senses unbalance load, voltage fluctuations, dry water tap, water pressure, and detergent dosage for a better washing experience.

Auto Tub Clean: This function automatically cleans the drum when needed.

Hard Water Wash: The machine senses water type and adapts the wash cycle for a perfect wash.

ZPF Technology: This zero pressure fill technology pours water into the tub faster even at the low water pressure of 0.17mpa.

Features and Technologies of Samsung

Digital Inverter Motor: It consumes less electricity, produces quieter operation, and last longer.

Wobble Technology: Pulsator generates vertical water streams that avoid clothes being tangled and move them up-down.

Smart Check: You can troubleshoot any errors and watch suggestions through your smartphone.

Monsoon Cycle: This wash cycle especially design for monsoon conditions where clothes being rinse and spin faster.

Whirlpool StainWash Pro H 6.5 Kg vs Samsung WA65T4262GG 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Wash Cycle126
Warranty2 years on product and 10 years on motor 3 years on product and 12 years on motor
FeaturesHeater, 6th Sense, Auto Tub Clean, Soft Close Lid, Hard Water Wash, ZPF Technology, DynamixDigital Inverter Motor, Wobble Technology, Smart Check, Eco Tub Clean, Aqua Preserve, Monsoon Program

Whirlpool StainWash Pro H comes with an in-built heater that allows this machine to provide a hot, warm, and allergen-free wash option and a 12 wash program that gives great flexibility in washing.

On the other side, Samsung has a digital inverter drive that saves electricity and gives quieter operation. Also, it has a smart check option that detects errors and gives solutions through a smartphone.

Whirlpool has 6th sense features which use sensors to sense water type and adapt wash cycle, auto rebalances load, monitor voltage fluctuations and stopped if needed where Samsung does not give any of this feature.

Samsung more focuses on build quality and washing performance instead of more features which generally provide a great experience and ensure your machine lasts longer.

If you live in areas where hard water is an issue then Whirlpool can wash clothes in hard water without damage the clothes or you can additionally buy a water filter for a Samsung washing machine. Furthermore, dynamix technology of Whirlpool dissolves detergent better.

Whirlpool has other awesome features like zero pressure fill technology that fill water in the tub even as low water pressure and soft closing door protects from any physical damage.

Samsung uses wobble technology that creates vertical water streams which make clothes up & down for better washing. Besides that, It has a specially designed monsoon program for faster rinse and spins in monsoon.

You can save water in Samsung by aqua preserve option that reuses water from the last rinsing and use it for the next wash.

Here Samsung gives a delay wash option that helps you schedule wash up to 19 hours which works even if you are not at home.

Both washing machines have a tub clean feature but Whirlpool has an auto tub clean function that automatically cleans the tub when needed.

You get good build quality and features like a child lock and a quick wash in both washing machines.

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Whirlpool and Samsung washing machine comparison show that if you want hot water and allergen wash cycle with features like 12 wash program, auto function, and a decent washing quality then Whirlpool is best for you otherwise Samsung provides good build quality, better energy efficiency, and quality washing in affordable price.

Whirlpool WhiteMagic Royal Plus 7 Kg vs Samsung WA70A4002GS 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Energy Rating5-Star5-Star
Wash Cycle126
Warranty 2 years on product and 5 years on motor 2 years on product and 10 years on motor part
Features6th Sense, Auto Tub Clean, Soft Close Lid, Hard Water Wash, ZPF Technology, Dynamix, Spiro WashDigital Inverter Motor, Eco Tub Clean, Monsoon Program

Samsung gives a daily usable wash option with good build quality and better washing performance while Whirlpool gives more wash programs and more features.

Whirlpool has easy to use function just press 1-2-3 and it delivers a suitably wash program. It has sensors that auto-rebalance load and monitor voltage fluctuations.

This model of Samsung gives quieter wash and its digital inverter motor saves electricity bills where Whirlpool produces more sound and no inverter motor.

Build quality of Whirlpool WhiteMagic Royal Plus is average because they use thin stainless steel body while Samsung has a good build quality.

Here are some features such as hard water wash, ZPF technology, aqua store, and auto tub clean that enhance the washing experience of Whirlpool.

Samsung has a unique monsoon program that rinses and dry clothes faster in monsoon.

Besides that, both have some common features like child lock, quick wash, and delay wash.

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If you want more features described above, only then you should consider Whirlpool otherwise Samsung WA70A4002GS 7 Kg and different capacities of this series are most popular in the top-loading category because of the performance and affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which washing machine is better Whirlpool or Samsung?

As I told whirlpool front load washing machines are not worth buying against Samsung and other brands.
In the Top loading category, Whirlpool focuses on more features and wash programs which makes it a good choice if are looking for that flexibility. On the other side, Samsung gives the durable and performance-centric washing machine which is a value for money deal.

Should I consider buying a Whirlpool front load against Samsung?

Whirlpool front load washing machines are not popular because they do not provide any unique or better things than those provided by other brands such as Samsung, LG, IFB, and Bosch. Furthermore, their prices are almost the same and service persons are also limited because of the limited sales. Considering this fact you shouldn’t buy a Whirlpool front load washing machine. 

Is Whirlpool better than Samsung?

Whirlpool uses sensors for different operations such as to monitor voltage fluctuation and stops machines when needed, Senses tub condition and clean it automatically, Senses unbalance the load and distribute correctly. It also senses hard water and adapts the wash cycle for better results. All these operations along with the 12 wash program make Whirlpool a better choice against Samsung.